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ALESSIO ERIOLI Engineer and Senior Researcher at Università di Bologna (where he also teaches Architectural Design), MArch in Biodigital Architecture, PhD in Architectural Engineering, co-founder  and coder at Co-de-iT (www.co-de-it.com).

He has been advisor of many Master Thesis in Engineering and Architecture; he has lectured and/or taught at (among others) Domus Academy, IaaC (Barcelona), AA Visiting school (Paris and Dubai), Accademia Belle Arti Bologna, TU Innsbruck, KTH Stockholm, UNI Stuttgart, Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico). His interests interweave computation, tectonics, aesthetics and design ecology in architecture and allied disciplines. His recent interests regard the autonomous organization of information, matter and void and its materialization via programmable constructor agents (machines, from robots to synthetic organisms). He is also skilled in computational design & 3D modeling on several platforms, among whose he has a preference for Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, C#, Java/Processing.

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Co-de-iT is a HUB for computation, design, research & teaching in architecture. It is structured as a network of heterogeneous clusters with main interest on the impact of computation as design medium, fostering a creative approach to multiple disciplines branching out from architecture and design and combining research, education and networking activities in a unique workflow.

design   Co-de-iT operates as a catalyzer in the design process to trigger and engage (both conceptually and technically) levels of complexity and differentiation as an evolved answer to project instances that range from conceptual design to bespoke fabrication. Project development and consultancy happen here, both first person by our team members or by building communication with specific required knowledge subjects, bridging different fields to the project.

education   Co-de-iT promotes (in Italy and abroad) events and workshops about computational and algorithmic strategies into architectural and design process.

research  Being situated at the edge of biology and technology allows the coalescence of interested members and external collaborators into multidisciplinary teams for different topic-based explorations, with computation, aesthetic and organization at its core.

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